Keeping Track of Online Casino Game Odds

If you are an avid online gambler, in other words someone that gambles online everyday or at least once a week without fail, then you should be keeping tabs on the online casinos you are playing on.

This means starting a spreadsheet and listing all the nektan online casinos what you can find here at this site.

Online Casinos GamesThe objective of the spreadsheet is for you to start your own ‘online casino rating system’ so that you can build up a database of the casino’s you’ve played.

This will allow you to form a picture of what you consider the best and most lucrative online casinos to be.

On your spreadsheet you should include the following headings:

Name of online casino, start date at casino, deposit amount, free bonus amount, casino games played, name of game played, gambling software, casino percentage payout (casino odds), wins, losses, average time spent online, game rating, customer service rating, and overall casino rating.

Probably the most important of all of the above criteria, is the online casinos odds. Keeping track of casino game odds will tell you immediately how ‘generous’ or not the online casino is.

The higher the odds, the better for you but the lower the odds, the better for the casino. Obviously, the ‘low-odds online casinos’ should be avoided at all costs.